Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Can i persist?

Just finish read a Chinese book name <全中国最穷的小伙子发财日记>. it is a very long story but i spent 2 days to finish the book. Feel not going to explain the whole story, but may be a summary: how a well educated & young guy who has a family with a son drop from rich status to poor, live like a beggar for years, then use his own hands to become a successful millionaire businessman.

Feel that my current situation just like him, may be not same as him that poor till have no job and money, but lost myself, my life goal. He found his own way, step by step and become a successful businessman.

I dont like my current sales job in this line, I want to have my own business, but too sad i have no brave enough to take even my first step.

I just brought a house, which become part of the burden and concern to my path to start a business. On the other way, it also is strongly motivate me to find a new way to increase my income.

Just talked with my darling this evening, she pointed out my weakness again -- i am impatience. i tried online business(sell gift) and food delivery business. and both started with very enthusiasm, but ended very fast within 2-3 months, just because i feel the business is not profitable and i gave up.

Now, i have the thought to start own business again, because of i am totally lost my interests in my current job. I cannot find my job satisfaction and motivation, what i can get is only the monthly salary.

I find myself have depraved for years. I want to change! 

I want to buy over a business, but i dont know what kind of business I am looking for, and the most importance,

Can i persist to the business?

Monday, 13 May 2013






Monday, 29 April 2013

To Build a Great Sales Team, You Need a Great Manager

If you had to decide between having a team of excellent salespeople with an average manager, or having a team of average salespeople with an excellent manager, which would you choose?
Many will argue for the team of excellent salespeople:
  • "It's salespeople — not managers — who develop and nurture the customer relationships that drive sales."
  • "Replacing one average manager is easier than replacing an entire team of average salespeople."
  • "An excellent salesperson doesn't need managing."
Others will argue for the excellent manager:
  • "Excellent managers consistently recruit the best sales talent. 'First-class hires first-class; second-class hires third-class.'"
  • "Excellent managers motivate excellent salespeople, develop average salespeople to make them excellent, and keep the entire team engaged and aligned."
  • "Excellent salespeople make sales today, but eventually they retire, get promoted, or get wooed away by a competitor."
Clearly, the best sales forces have both excellent salespeople and excellent managers. A team of excellent salespeople will win sales and make this year's goal, regardless of who the manager is. But the success of that team will be short-lived. Eventually, an average manager will bring all of the salespeople that he manages down to his level. On the other hand, an excellent manager will bring excellence to all her territories. An excellent manager may inherit average salespeople, but in the long run she will counsel, coach, motivate, or replace salespeople until the entire team is excellent.
In past experience, companies that have winning sales forces start with excellent managers. Most sales organizations focus considerable energy to build a team of excellent salespeople, yet regrettably, they focus too little attention on building the management team, which is truly "the force behind the sales force." 

Sunday, 28 April 2013